Papau New Guinea Specialty Coffee – Medium Roast

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Papau New Guinea Specialty Coffee – Medium Roast

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Meet our Papua New Guinea Single-Origin, a top-notch specialty coffee from the highlands of Belombibi, Wawet, Hongo, and Neng. Grown high above sea level, these organic, fair trade coffee beans are carefully washed and processed to give you a smooth, rich coffee experience.

This coffee isn’t just about great taste – it’s about community. With every cup, you’re supporting over 400,000 families in Papua New Guinea who rely on coffee farming for their livelihood.

Our Papua New Guinea Coffee is a treat for your taste buds. It’s got a full body, a touch of acidity, and a unique blend of flavors. You’ll taste hints of citrus, floral notes, jasmine, and caramel – a mix that’s as unique as the regions it comes from.

Ready for a coffee experience like no other? Try our Papua New Guinea Single-Origin Coffee today. Order now and get ready to enjoy a cup of coffee that’s truly special.

(2 customer reviews)


Grading: Specialty, A/X

Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes: Notes of caramel, honey, and fruit.

Producer: Small farming cooperatives in Chimbu.

Bean Variety: Bourben & Typica

Origin: Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea

Elevation: 1350 M

Soil Composition: Volcanic Loam

Processing Method: Sun-dried after being fully washed.

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2 reviews for Papau New Guinea Specialty Coffee – Medium Roast

  1. katalano

    This coffee is different and delicious. Try it if you want a fun twist.

  2. katalano

    They are really nice and helpful. Good service makes shopping easy

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Customer Reviews

A perfect cup of coffee every time, I would pay double for it. Shipping was fast also.
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Customer - Oklahoma
I have tried several blends from Wanderlust and they never disappointment.
Young designer drinking coffee in office having rest
Customer - Michigan
Before Wanderlust I struggled to find a coffee that would amaze me and peak my interest like it did many years ago. Now I order every month.
Elderly man drinks coffee from mug and uses mobile phone at home
Customer - Oregon