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Welcome to Wanderlust Specialty Coffee, where each sip is a journey and every bag is a pledge for a better, more Eco-friendly world.

Our ethically sourced, Q-grade 80-85 beans are handpicked from the globe’s finest regions, offering you an unparalleled coffee experience.

But we don’t stop at extraordinary brews. Every bag you purchase plants a tree, making your daily ritual a powerful act for a greener tomorrow.


Taste the World, Nurture Nature: Our specialty grade, single origin beans come with stories and promises - to your palate and the planet.


With every bag you order, a tree takes root. It's our pledge to the planet. As your coffee beans travel to you, somewhere on Earth, a sapling begins its journey towards the sky.


Transform your beans into a cup of magic. As you savor the rich flavors, know that you're not just brewing fancy coffee; you're nurturing a future forest.

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Try our Bestselling Bali
Single Origin

A Taste of Tropical Tranquility

Sourced from Bali’s volcanic terrains, our coffee offers a rich, aromatic escape. Each sip is a journey to Indonesia’s paradise, blending unparalleled flavor with our pledge for a greener world.

Experience Bali, one cup at a time.


With a Single Origin Story

Every aroma from our single-origin coffee signifies an achievement. With Wanderlust your brew doesn’t just awaken your senses—it rejuvenates the planet. Gift trees.

Each sip is a pledge to the change you champion. Why wait? Let’s get started.

A Coffee Subscription that's Environmentally Friendly

Transform your mornings and make a lasting impact on the planet with Wanderlust Specialty Coffee. Subscribe today and enjoy a 10% discount on our Q-grade 80-85 beans. Savor each cup as a journey for your soul and a step towards a greener tomorrow.

A Specialty Coffee Experience

By focusing on specialty grade, single-origin coffees, we ensure that each cup is a unique and an extraordinary experience. This allows you to appreciate the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and rich diversity of the specialty coffee world.

High Quality Gourmet Coffee

Every bean we source boasts a Specialty Grade of 80-85, placing it in the specialty grade category. This ensures that your coffee experience is consistently top-tier.

Roasted with Care

Our selections of coffee are roasted to order, allowing you to savor the rich diversity of flavors and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each brew.

Sustainable & Fair Trade

Coffee's future is at a crossroads, with looming challenges that could redefine its legacy. We're unwavering in our commitment to sustainable farming and ethically traded coffee. Our ties with farmers are deep, rooted in mutual respect and a shared vision for sustainability. Every cup you enjoy is more than a delightful brew; it's a stand for a brighter, more Eco-friendly coffee world.

Coffee Growing Trees out of coffee cup
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Planting Tomorrow

For every bag of coffee you purchase, we plant a tree. It's our promise to nurture nature as you savor each brew.
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Pristine Quality Coffee

Our beans are specialty grade with a Q Score of 80-85. Roasted to order, we ensure peak freshness and unmatched flavor in every cup
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Global Partnerships

We're more than a coffee brand. By sourcing exclusively from farms committed to sustainability, we empower farmers and a more Eco-friendly future for coffee.

What's Being Said About Us!

Ian Laqua
Ian Laqua
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It's nice knowing my cup of coffee makes a difference. I was hesitant at first, but turned out to be great coffee.
John Martin
John Martin
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The coffee from Wanderlust is like a little slice of heaven in a mug. The aroma is amazing.
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Redefine Your Coffee Ritual

Rediscover your love of coffee with Wanderlust. If you’ve never indulged in specialty coffee, prepare for a revelation.

We promise to redefine your coffee ritual, introducing you to a world of taste you never knew existed. Every sip is a new adventure, waiting to be explored.