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Our Story

It all started with a passion for rich, flavorful coffee and a love of our planet. Our founder, William McGhee, wanted to find a way to pursue both in a meaningful way. One morning, whilst camping in the woods of Minnesota while sipping his morning cup of joe and imagining the forests and woodlands around the globe, he was struck with an idea – what if he could help reconnect people to nature through coffee?

And so our online coffee store was born. Our goal is to deliver incredible coffee while restoring forests globally for future generations.

Wanderlust Specialty Coffee

Our Mission

With every online order, we fund tree-planting initiatives in deforested regions around the globe. From the Amazon to Africa to Asia and beyond, we work with reforestation initiatives to fund planting efforts in ecosystems in need.

For us, each new tree represents a bag of coffee delivered, a customer served, and progress toward a greener, healthier planet. Our coffee helps rebuild vital habitats for people and wildlife while absorbing carbon from the air.
Join us and enjoy coffee whilst revitalizing the Earth. Click the link below to learn more about the initiatives.

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Join our Coffee Club and embark on a global journey as we deliver a different exceptional coffee to your doorstep every month, ensuring a fresh and delightful experience with each brew.

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Redefine your coffee ritual with our diverse selection of coffee beans, each meticulously sourced and curated to cater to every coffee lover's discerning palate

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Enjoy the convenience and quality of our bulk supply options, tailored to meet the needs of cafes, restaurants, and enthusiasts looking to scale their coffee experience.
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Redefine Your Coffee Ritual

We’ve travelled the world for the best coffee-growing regions to bring you the most exceptional beans that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From the exotic and fruity notes of African coffees to the bold and rich profiles of South American varieties. You’ll love our coffee.