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coffee industry ethics examined
Single Origin Coffee

Ethical Issues in Coffee Industry

Lurking beneath your daily brew are ethical challenges in the coffee industry; discover the unsettling truths and potential solutions.

fair trade coffee benefits
Sustainable Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Yearning for a brew that promises ethical sourcing and sustainable practices? Discover the real impact of choosing Fair Trade Coffee Beans.

organic coffee benefits health
Single Origin Coffee

Healthiest Organic Coffee

Glean insights into the health and environmental benefits of organic coffee, and discover if it's worth the premium price tag.

How Much Caffeine is in a Shot of Espresso?

Espresso Shots and Coffee, Just How much Caffeine? Ah, the espresso shot – a concentrated miracle that kick-starts our mornings and powers our days. But

bali coffee
Single Origin Coffee

Bali Blue Coffee’s Flavor Profile

Nestled in the heart of Indonesia lies a coffee that captivates the senses like no other: Bali Blue Coffee. What sets this single origin coffee

eco-friendly coffee
Sustainable Coffee

Eco-Friendly Coffee from Farm to Cup

Picture this: a vibrant coffee plantation nestled in a verdant valley, where the sun gently caresses the lush canopy and the air is filled with

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Coffee in 2023

Sustainable Cultivation: The Root of Eco-Friendly Coffee In the world of beverages, coffee stands as a universal staple, a morning ritual for millions, and an

wanderlust coffee
Specialty Coffee

Our Top 5 Ways to Brew Specialty Coffee

Top 5 Specialty Coffee Brewing Methods with Wanderlust Coffee’s Sustainable Approach Hello, coffee aficionados and eco-conscious consumers. If you’re keen on enhancing your morning coffee

expensive coffee drying
Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Coffee: The Complete Guide

The Single Origin Coffee Lowdown: Demystifying Specialty Coffee’s Biggest Buzzword As a self-proclaimed coffee obsessive with more than my fair share of caffeine coursing through

A set of coffee drip equipment with mountain and nature view on foggy day
Specialty Coffee

The Economic Impact of Specialty Coffee

The State of Specialty Coffee – The Background Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages in the world, with over 2 billion cups consumed

Specialty Coffee

The History of Specialty Coffee

The Rise of Specialty Coffee Movement Coffee shop consumption of specialty coffee has increased, especially among the millennial generation. Specialty coffee focuses on specific flavors

what is specialty grade coffee? let's examine
Specialty Coffee

What is Specialty Coffee? A Complete Guide

Introduction to Specialty Coffee In the vast world of coffee, where the rich aroma often marks the dawn of new days, the term “specialty coffee”

Single Origin Coffee

Starbucks Shakes Up the Coffee Scene with Olive Oil

Starbucks, the renowned coffee chain, is stirring up the coffee scene with a unique twist – introducing olive oil into their coffee beverages. This innovative concept has sparked a debate among coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. The question on everyone’s lips is – does this unusual combination enhance the coffee experience or is it

Single Origin Coffee

Why Is Single Origin Coffee so Expensive?

Single origin coffee may be more expensive than blends, but its unique characteristics make it worth the cost. Learn why it’s rare, hard to find, and more sustainable, and why coffee enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for it.