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We are excited to announce our rebranding to! This fresh, vibrant new identity perfectly captures the essence of our passion for single-origin coffee and our commitment to delivering a truly unparalleled coffee experience to our customers.

The name “Wanderlust Specialty Coffee Online” evokes a sense of adventure and curiosity, inspiring coffee lovers to embark on a journey of flavor and discovery. It is a reflection of our dedication to seeking out the most exotic, remarkable single-origin coffees from around the globe, and bringing them right to your doorstep.

Our user-friendly website,, showcases our wide range of ethically sourced and sustainably produced coffee beans, and provides a simple, intuitive platform for both newcomers and seasoned coffee enthusiasts to explore our offerings.

Rebranding to has not only given us a more memorable and captivating identity, but it also allows us to further emphasize our commitment to sourcing and roasting the finest single-origin beans available. We believe that this new name and online presence will resonate with coffee lovers who share our appreciation for unique, high-quality coffee experiences.

So, come and explore the world of Wanderlust Specialty Coffee Online at, and let our exotic single-origin coffee transport you on a sensory adventure you’ll never forget!


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William McGhee
William McGhee

Meet William McGhee, the passionate coffee enthusiast behind Wanderlust Specialty Coffee. Born and raised in MN, William's love for coffee began at a young age. He fondly remembers the aromatic scent of freshly brewed coffee filling his home every morning, a ritual started by his grandmother, a former barista.

When he's not exploring a new coffee region or writing for his blog, William enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest, practicing his photography skills, and of course, brewing a perfect cup of coffee. His favorite coffee? A Guatemalan Single-Origin with notes of dark chocolate.

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