Porlex Mini Mill

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Însoțitorul perfect de călătorie pentru AeroPress sau măcinătorul personal de zi cu zi. Acest măcinator compact are sfredel de ceramica, o banda de cauciuc ușor de tinut care de asemenea ține mânerul de măcinat când acesta nu este folosit, și un mâner mai lung decât al competitorilor pentru o măcinare mai ușoară.

Este ușor de ajustat întorcând roata motrice sub camera de măcinare în sensul ceasului pentru o măcinare mai fină și inversă ceasului pentru o măcinare mai brută.

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Why we love the Porlex Mini Mill

If you’re looking for a great travel grinder, or just a burr grinder that’s more affordable than the electric models, this is the one for you. It isn’t the most consistent compared to it’s larger electric cousins, but it beats the alternatives from Hario and Zassenhaus. Plus, the silicon grip is awesome for comfort. You may not like this if you’re making more than one cup of coffee at a time, but it’s great when traveling, camping or just getting the blood flowing in the morning. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in coffee taste if you’re coming from a blade grinder or pre-ground coffee.

Adjusting the fineness is easy too, just click the wheel below the burrs clockwise for finer, counter-clockwise for coarser (I like to start at the finest, and count the clicks toward coarse so that I can reproduce the same grind later). It also fits snugly into the top of your AeroPress, which is partly why we include it in our camp kit.

Whenever we fly on vacation (if we haven’t booked a room above a cafe), we take our AeroPress and Porlex camp kit. Nothing ruins a relaxing vacation quite like having to drink hotel coffee…

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