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Winco Digital Thermometer

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Terometrul Winco Digital Instant Read este ideal pentru citirea rapidă și exactă a temperaturii, a cafelei sau a apei pentru făcut cafea.

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Why we love the Winco Digital Thermometer

We wanted our especially nerdy coffee nerd friends to be able to instantly tell what temperature their water is. Whether you’re a closet coffee chemist in the morning, or on stage at the National Brewers Cup, you can whip out this pocket sized culinary grade digital thermometer and plunge it into your steaming pitcher to tell your sleepy partner/rapt judges how hot their coffee will be (to the tenth of a degree—in either °C or °F).

We also brought this in specifically to use with the Fellow Stagg pour-over kettle. It fits nicely in place of the included (and removable) analog thermometer.


  • Built-in clip-on protection sheath
  • Battery included
  • 2.5cm diagonal LCD screen
  • -40°C to 150°C temperature range