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Filtru Kohi AeroPress

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Filtru pentru cafetiera AeroPress® ultra-fin, reutilizabil, material din oțel inoxidabill. Produce o cafea curată, fără gust de hârtie, și fără risipă. Acest filtru high-tech este făcut dintr-o țesătură de oțel inoxidabil, ultrafin, alimentar, reutilizabil. Acesta este cel mai bun filtru pentru cafetiera voastră AeroPress®

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Why we love the Kohi

Our AeroPress is one of the most used items in our kitchen (after maybe forks), but sometimes we run out of paper filters, or just want a cup of coffee with a bit more body. We have tried a variety of metal filters on the market over the years, but after we met Peter from Kohi Labs, we never went back. All the others are either perforated sheet metal (Able) or gimicky (RGB), and they all had shortcomings: too many fines in the cup, bent easily, etc. The Kohi Labs filter is made from woven stainless steel though! Drastically less fines in the cup, flexible enough to not worry about in the travel kit, and re-usable!

Kohi Labs also created a brewing app available on the iTunes app store if you’re into technologically guided brewing.


  • Brighter notes in the taste profile of the brew
  • Great tasting coffee through optimal micron level filtration
  • Easier to press than paper filters
  • Simple design is durable and easy to clean
  • Made in USA
  • Lasers make it extra awesome