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Kaffeeform Cups

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Inovatoarea ceașcă (și farfurie) de espresso este făcută dintr-o combinație de polimeri de siguranță alimentară și zaț de cafea espresso. Chiar veți observa mirosul de cafea când veți deschide cutia pentru prima dată! Dar nu vă îngrijorați, mirosul se disipă în scurt timp.

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Why we love the Kaffeeform Cups

Anyone who has ever worked at a cafe, hell, anyone who has ever made coffee has thrown out the used coffee grounds or espresso pucks and wondered “what could I do with these instead of throwing them out?” (ok, maybe not everyone, but certainly us). We have heard of many uses for used coffee grounds, from soap to fertilizer, but Kaffeeform in Berlin takes the [espresso] cake! They have conjured a most awesome espresso cup and saucer combination from used espresso grounds and it is fantastic. It’s durable, well formed and pretty. It even smells like coffee when you take it out of the bag (cleverly mimicking a bag of coffee). Thankfully the smell dissipates after a few days for those of us who like to taste our espresso without tasting the cup.

We have these in espresso size (60mL), cappuccino size (200mL) or as a package deal (with a little price break). Take your pick!


  • Capacitate 60mL sau 200mL
  • Făcută pentru uz zilnic
  • OK în mașina de spalat vaze
  • Conține zațul de la aproximativ 6 espresso
  • izolație de bună calitate
  • Facută in Germany
  • Foarte ușoară

Regarding Materials

According to the creator of these cups, the material that he mixed with the coffee grounds contains only cellulose, wood [pulp], lignin and starch (some of which comes from cane sugar). They will not flex when heated (in beverage or dishwasher range temperatures), nor will they leech into a drink. They are completely food safe.