Fellow Stagg Kettle

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Frumosul design funcțional al ibricului Stagg Pour-Over, elevează metoda de pregătire a cafelei, la un alt nivel. Bucurați-vă de o turnare precisă, intuitivă și foarte comodă prin gâtul ibricului. Țineți evidența temperaturii prin termometrul care face parte din ibric. Turnați apa într-un ritm egal, încet, cu manerul contrabalansat de greutate al ibricului Stagg, care mută centrul de greutate al masei ibricului către mână.

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Why we love the Stagg kettle

We put off buying a pour-over kettle for a long time. The kettles that were available a few years ago were either flimsily built, uncomfortable or too expensive, but not anymore. Enter the Stagg; Fellow Products out of San Francisco designed a beautiful, sturdy and ergonomic pour-over kettle that we were happy to pay the price tag for. Finally a kettle that is worth the hype and worthy of our counter. A pleasure to look at and easy to use. These kettles are not too common yet, but we’re starting to see them appear at some of the best roasters and retailers around Europe, and we even saw a few competitors use them at national and world competitions!

We use our kettle every day, mainly for our V60 and Hario Woodneck pour-overs but occasionally for an AeroPress (or just to drink out of). We love the thermometer on top, but it can be switched out for one of our Winco Digital Thermometers or used as a reliable analog readout. Most of the kettles we have seen that have temperature readouts are either clunky or inconsistent, but the Stagg is neither.


  • Compatibil cu plita electrica sau aragaz.
  • Capacitatea de fierbere 1 Litru
  • Oțel inoxidabil negru mat. BPA-free polypropylene lid
  • Termometru incorporat
  • Gat de turnare cu precizie
  • Maner contrabalansat

Ibricul Fellow Stagg Kettle este disponibil doar pe negru.

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Dimensions 30 x 18 x 20 cm