Cappuccino Cup

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High quality cappuccino cup and saucer made in Romania by Apulum in Alba Iulia. Logo printed in gold foil.

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Why we love this cappuccino cup

We love cups. They are the canvas for the art of the barista. These cappuccino cups are perfectly rounded on the bottom to accommodate latte art and aren’t so big as to dilute the coffee flavor in a cappuccino.

If you love flat whites, this cappuccino cup is for you. It’s a bit smaller in volume than most cafe’s cups, so you’ll get more flavor for the same bang.

They’re made in Alba Iulia, Romania by Apulum, so we can drive down there to make sure that we’re getting the right quality and supporting local industry. We tried many different cups before deciding that this model is pretty snazzy.


  • Made in Romania
  • 150mL volume