The Importance of Coffee Diversity

Posted by conrad on 19/01/2017 in blog

Community is paramount in the coffee industry. It’s the reason that early cafes were so integral to social change in England and France in the nineteenth century. Art flourished because artists would gather at their favorite cafes and share ideas. Despite the quality of the coffee that people drank back then, there is no denying

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Baratza Sette Update #3

Posted by conrad on 08/09/2016 in blog grinders

Well, we have an update from Baratza on the shipping schedule for the new Sette 270 and Sette 270W models, and it’s not that they’ll be early… As we mentioned in one of our past updates, they were still waiting for their CE certification to come through before they shipped them worldwide. As an importer,

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Noutăți Sette

Posted by conrad on 15/07/2016 in blog education grinders

Sette Noutăți Disponibilitate Avem informații importante de împărtășit în legătură cu disponibilitatea râșnițelor de cafea Sette 270 și 270W! Proiectarea râșnițelor poate fi un proces foarte distractiv, în special când ai parte de suportul minunat și răspunsurile constructive de care am avut pentru Seria Sette. Și totuși, ca oricine care a creat vreodată ceva și

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Prima Competiție Națională de AeroPress din România

Posted by conrad on 25/04/2016 in blog

S-a vărsat Clujul în București weekendul trecut. Iubitorii cafelei de specialitate au venit cu mic cu mare la competiția națională de AeroPress, de peste tot din țară. Ne-am întalnit cu prieteni vechi și ne-am făcut prieteni noi, și am petrecut ca într-o reuniune de familie funcțională. Locația aleasă pentru competiție The Ark s-a potrivit ca

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Meet the Designer: KoHi Labs

Posted by conrad on 23/03/2016 in blog

During our visit to California this past winter we had the pleasure to meet Peter Thomson of KoHi Labs in Santa Cruz. The people behind KoHi are the creators of the pour over coffee brewing app for iOS as well as a completely different filter for the AeroPress; but I’ll let him tell you more

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The New Sensory Lexicon and Flavor Wheel

Posted by conrad on 27/02/2016 in blog education

The SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) in conjunction with World Coffee Research, have recently redesigned the coffee tasters’ flavor wheel and included alongside it an all new Sensory Lexicon. The idea behind the Lexicon is to provide the means to replicate the flavors and tastes that you see on the new wheel. From the

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