Specialty Cafes of Barcelona

Last week we went to Barcelona for our first “European City Break”. As we arrived, and I found some wi-fi to connect to, I looked up where the best coffee was. Naturally, on the first quick search on Google, I found Sprudge’s article on some of the cafes of Barcelona.

We didn’t get to visit all of them, as we were only there for two days and change. But here are the ones we did get to, and what a culture! Definitely worth revisiting.

True Artisan Cafe

This was the first cafe we stumbled into, and surprise, they’re the La Marzocco distributor in Spain! As we sipped our espresso and cappuccino, in walks Ionut, one of their techs, who (not surprisingly) we have many common friends with in the specialty scene here in Romania.

We chatted for half an hour and talked about what other cafes we should drop by. Expanding the coffee family each place we stop!

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Nomad Coffee

Nomad Coffee was only a few blocks away, so when we said farewell at True Artisan, we hopped over. Set in a beautiful alley in part of the old town, this cafe is a gem. Small, micro roaster, and passionate. We not only drank some of their own coffee, but we tasted coffee from two other roasters, one in France, and the other in Poland. More great new friends and contacts to build relationships off of.

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Onna Coffee

Another local roaster in Barcelona is Onna. They’re unique in that they only roast coffee from Costa Rica, given the roaster’s childhood years growing up on thus farm, it makes sense. Very nice atmosphere and coffee. Definitely worth the hike it took to get there without coffee in the morning…

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Skye Coffee

Started by a British woman (Skye), this mobile cafe is based out of a refurbished warehouse where they park their Citroen truck housing their Linea PB and Mazzer. They serve the fantastic coffee by local roaster Right Side Coffee.

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Skye was the last cafe we visited this trip, but we have a growing list of places to visit on the next trip!

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