Camp Kit

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O trusă de cafea esențială pentru camping și călătorit.

Cu fiecare versiune îmbunătățim trusa, datoruta feedbackului foarte bun de la utilizatori. Avem mai nou și o versiune roșie cu ureche, adică un inel din material special făcut, de care trusa poate fi ținută/transportată comfortabil pe un deget.

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Why we love the Camp Kit

We believe that every serious coffee nerd should have an AeroPress. AeroPresses are great for traveling, but you also need a grinder. Then you get to the hotel and you can’t find a cup… Enter the Camp Kit, we collected only the most basic tools you need for a great cup of travel coffee (or power outage coffee). The bag is handmade (by us!) and can fit the AeroPress, Porlex mini mill, one enamel mug and most of a 250g bag of coffee (if you squeeze).

The one component that we’re still trying to figure out how to supply is hot water… it just keeps getting cold when you try to take it with you! However, last time we traveled with the Camp Kit, we learned that it makes a killer two-cups-worth of cold brew! Just add cold water in the inverted position when you go to bed—flip and press in the morning, and just add hot (or more cold) water! Cold coffee won’t heat you up on a cold morning in a tent, but it’s better than no coffee.

Include toate componentele AeroPress® și râșniță Porlex® Mini Mill, plus, trusă făcută manual, cană email albă și pungă Ziploc® ermetică pentru boabe de cafea.